Caribbean Belle WEDDINGS - Volume 6 Issue 1

BW: What’s your inspira- tion for your type of busi- ness? How did you get started? KS: My inspiration came from watching hundreds of Say Yes to the Dress ep- isodes. From childhood I was privileged to attend and be involved with many weddings, and loved to see the scene unfold, and especially the transforma- tion of the bride and brid- al party. I also loved the décor transformation from a school hall to a magi- cal and dreamy reception hall, and all the prepara- tion leading up to this big day. It was only recently, in June 2017, that I made the bold leap towards opening Always and Forever Bridal Boutique. BW: What sets you apart from the competition? KS: At Always and Forever Bridal Boutique (AFBB) our goal is to help the bride and groom have the best wedding experience pos- sible. We offer a full wed- ding package -- from wed- ding planning and bridal gown retail to assisting with décor, custom-made dresses and supplying of invitations, gift-sets, to- kens etc…we’ve got you covered. Our intention is for you to look no further than AFBB. After making one year in the business which would not have been possible without the grace of God and all of my wonder- ful customers…it fills my heart to see customers so happy at their wedding and the amazing reviews I would receive…that’s when I know what I set out to do was accomplished. BW: Who’s your ideal cus- tomer? How do you con- nect to ideal customer? KS: Our social media pag- es play a very big role in reaching customers lo- cally. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are very active on a daily basis. Our store is conveniently locat- ed in Crown Point, Tobago where customers can visit by appointment only. We cater mainly to brides-to- be. BW: What are the top 3 questions you believe clients/couples should ask their decorator/rent- al provider? KS: That’s easy: 1. Do you have my wed- ding date open? 2. Can you work with my budget? 3. How much is your fee? Always and Forever Bridal Boutique Interview with owner and superstar Krystal Stewart