Caribbean Belle WEDDINGS - Volume 6 Issue 1

You’ll need for 1 arrangement: 1. 1 artificial manzanita branch (38 inches high, or at least 6-10 inches taller than the height of your vase (available at saveon- . 2. 1 sturdy, tall pillar/cylinder vase, or wide pedestal vase. 3. 1 brick of dry floral foam (available at craft stores and Carnival hobby stores). 4. 1 crystal garland (available at saveoncrafts. com). 5. White coral sand. Here’s what you do: • Drape crystal garland along branch. The design would be to your preference. • Cut the dry floral foam to size, to fit snugly at the bottom of the vase. • Once foam is sitting at bottom of vase, stick branch into it. Branch should stand upright. • Throw the white coral sand over to hide the foam. The sand would weigh down the arrangement to prevent it from tipping over, and allow branch to stand upright more firmly. • (optional) Append white orchid flowers to branch for effect, if desired. • Your simple centrepiece is complete! LOVE Branches Create your own branch centrepiece with these simple DIY steps. You can accent your centrepiece with small lanterns, and/or vases with acrylic crystals, and/or glitter bottles. Don’t underestimate the amount of space on your banquet table! Even a tall centrepiece can sometimes get lost. Try to accent with smaller pieces all around. CARIBBEAN BELLE WEDDINGS 49 BW DIY