Caribbean Belle WEDDINGS - Volume 6 Issue 1

The Meeting I t was a modern-day meeting place for a modern-day couple. Where? Facebook, of course! It started off with a “poke” from Alex; then Arlene “poked” back. This lit- tle game of tag led to comments, which led to private messages. Then WhatsApp stepped into the mix. It was flirting 21 st century style. Their first face-to-face was a trip to the movies with Ar- lene’s friend and her friend’s little brother. Low-key and fun, but the attraction was immediately there. “ Alex was kind and charming,” Arlene remembers. As they grew to know each other, she learned that he was a hardworking engineer, humble yet ambitious. For his part, Alex grew to love Arlene’s diligence, passion and loyalty. The Proposal When Alex asked what gift Arlene wanted to celebrate the results of her Bachelor of Laws degree, she wasn’t too shy to make her intentions quite clear. “I hinted about ‘a ring for a specific finger’, as we had been dating for four years, and marriage was a goal I had set at a young age.” After getting such a clear green light, Alex set about mak- ing his proposal as romantic as he could, surprising her with a candlelight dinner at home and a little something that glittered brighter than the candles themselves. Ar- lene was overjoyed and gladly accepted. Ceremony and Reception Venue With most of Alex’s family coming from the south, and Ar- lene’s being largely from the north and east, the couple found a happy medium in the Grand Marquis Conference Centre in Chaguanas. With its stately and elegant interior, Arlene & Alex Regal Ev ning C ARIBBEAN BELLE WEDDINGS 44 BW Real Weddings